Battledown Centre for Children



Special School




Four 55″ Prowise High Definition Screens

The screens chosen by the School were the high-definition 55″ Prowise Screens with integrated PC module. The classrooms required a screen that was big enough and loud enough to keep the students attention while at the same time providing best value for money solution. Safe to say the screens, standard and software hit a home run.


The Lift – Duo Touch Table

The lift chosen by the school was the Duo Touch Table. This was chosen so the screen could be used in multiple classrooms as well as in multiple formats. This lift allows presentations to be made at different heights from the front of the class or turned into a table for direct interaction with students. The ability to allow the students to come to the front of class, touch the screen and interact with lessons has been a real success.






Jane's Comments

“My name is Jane, I am married with two boys and I have been involved with Battledown since 2001, initially as parent. My current role is a Continuous Improvement & Communications Coordinator. I feel very passionate about the school and what it offers children and families.”

Jane's Opinion

“We were in need of updating our ‘big screens’ in order to move with the times and integrate other devices such as iPads. We had been looking for a new solution for a while. As an Early Years Special School it was imperative that the new system was user friendly for everyone. A local IT Reseller asked if we would like a demo of Prowise. I saw the demo and I just knew it would work for us.”


“Helping a Early Years Special School such as Battledown engage through technology using interfaces the students are familiar with such a iPads strikes a cord with the Prowise Team. The founders of Prowise were teachers and really understand that familiarity with devices for both students and teachers is imperative to interactive learning without barriers of long set-up times and learning new “devices” or technologies – it just works out of the box.”

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