Truly Interactive Learning!

Connect To Any Tablet!

Presenter Cloud Software along with ProConnect can connect any number of Android, iOS (Apple) or Microsoft Windows tablets and devices to the screen. Send questions… Ask for a vote… Agree/Disagree… Create a Quiz… get true interaction from a product that is more than just a screen.

Cloud Software

No longer do you have to save your lessons to a USB pen drive! “Presenter” the propitiatory software to drive the the digital screens is delivered from the cloud. Work on your lesson at home, on your laptop, on your tablet – come to school and the lesson is waiting! 

Student Feedback

Receive instant feedback from students. Share the main presentation screen directly to individual tablets, allow students to response and send their information back to the teacher. Truly two-way interaction at the click of a button with no setup.

Learning Tools

Interactive learning tools come built in as standard. Interactive maths lessons, word clouds, interactive skeleton, globes, maps and lots of other free tools to aid teaching and learning. All the tools are delivered seamlessly from the cloud!

Let Teachers, Teach.

No calibration, no laptops, no software to update...

ProQuiz - Interact, Teach, Record

ProQuiz allows teachers to build and distribute bespoke and customisable quizzes in a flash to students. Quizzes can be in numerous, image, text, or multiple choice formats. Quiz results can be viewed publicly or privately and results is viewable by individual or via class to instantly feedback “classroom” knowledges bases and levels. A fantastic tool.

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Interactive competition!

Space Race, Monkey Swing, Word Cloud and much more allow instant tests, collaboration and competitive learning in the classroom at the click of a button. No complicated setup routines, load the tool in presenter, set the number of maths questions or open word Word Cloud question and watch as the results come in on screen directly from the student devices!

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Instant Voting

Handing out voting sticks? Collecting clickers in? No, No, No… that is not the way. Prowise Connect allows INSTANT Yes/No, Agree/Disagree, True/False and Multiple Choice questions to be sent instantly to any tablets, laptops or computers. The results can be analysed across the classroom or analysed per student to open up discussions. A truly versatile tool for pre-planned or ‘on the fly’ questions to the room.

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Teachers Share, Students Share

Share your presentation, send activities to the tablets, received results back and review on the main Prowise screen. Sending and receiving data both ways in a few clicks ensures classrooms are engaged and information is being understood and received in the correct formats allowing collaboration and demonstration of individual student talents. A truly dynamic feature.

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