Ultra HD (4K) Screen, Pro Write Pen, Blu-Ray Integrated

The future of digital screens has arrived...

Ultra HD Screens (4K)

All Prowise Proline screens are Ultra High Definition (UHD) screen resolutions providing crystal clear clarity and future proofed technology to ensure no school is left behind. The screens come with a toughened anti-shatter glass protective screen to ensure even the most challenging environments are safe.

Integrated Sound

No need for additional “sound bars” here! The integrated 2.1 speakers with 10W RMS output provides crystal clear sound to the room without the need for additional amplification. As the PC module is integrated whether you are playing from Youtube or from a DVD the sound is always available without any complicated setup routines.

10 Point Multi-Touch

All sizes of Prowise screen come with 10-point multi-touch. This essentially means you can have 10 students all interacting with the screen at once! This feature becomes invaluable when doing brainstorming sessions or playing multi-touch educational games. Why should one person have all the fun!

Built-in PC!

Do you start your lessons by connecting laptops and cables and whiteboards? Do you then have to calibrate the screen and waste more time? STOP! Prowise screens come fully integrated with a PC module which ensures you are up and running in seconds with no calibration required!

Pro Write Pen

The ProWrite Pen allows you to write natually on the screen like no other Pen. The Pen allows you to draw think or think lines depending on pressure and feels as if you have a real pen in your hand! The ProWrite Pen also allows you to change colours at the click of a button to ensure lessons can be delivered smoothly!

Wide Area Microphone

Want to flip the classroom? Want to record student input and answers doirectly into your presentaion for review or evidence based purposes? No problem. The ProLine screens come with a built-in high quality wide-area Microphone to allow just that. Just another reason to select the ProLine range.

Scratch-proof Glass Plate

Interactive Digital Screens are the largest investment (other than the teachers!) most schools make in each classroom. That’s why Prowise ensure longevity of the screen by ensuring the glass plate is fully scratch resistant, jewellery, watches will not damage the screen while writing or presenting from it.

Insensitive to Light

The sun is out! The lesson is ruined… Close the blinds and sit in the dark? These scenarios are a thing of the past once the new Prowise screens are installed. The anti-glare screens ensure that lessons can be delivered come rain or shine and if on a portable lift can even be used outside in direct sunlight!

65'' Ultra-HD Screen

Our Smallest ProLine Screen
  • Pro-Line-Right
  • 10 Point Touch Screen with Safety Glass
  • Ultra High Definition (4K) Screen Resolution
  • Blue-Ray As Standard
  • Multimedia Sound with 10RMS Output
  • 5 Years Warranty

84'' Ultra HD Screen

Fantastic for halls and lecture theatres
  • Pro-Line-Left
  • 10 Point Touch Screen with Safety Glass
  • Ultra High Definition (4K) Screen Resolution
  • Blue-Ray As Standard
  • Multimedia Sound with 10RMS Output
  • 5 Years Warranty

We don’t just provide screens. Think4 are fully approved, trained and accredited to deliver fast track training to teachers, teaching assistants and students. We can show you how to maximise the potential of both screen and software to ensure that both teachers and students alike can engage with one another with this truly revolutionary solution.